If you're reading this, you want to know more, so let's start at the beginning. In September, we launched the first socks adapted to our sport: Reinforced sole, comfort and design, everything we need to protect our socks and practice comfortably and with style. This first product was a great success, we haven't heard a single quality complaint in 6 months, which makes us really, really proud. But as you may know, this was only the beginning of a huge project.


We have plans for the next five years and our vision is very clear . We now need to move on to the second phase of the project , and this is where the LIGHTNING PROJECT comes into play.

We have created a popular product, and our vision is shared by the vast majority of athletes. From the beginning of March, we are launching the second phase, which consists of three simple steps:

First : We are massively expanding our product range : We will launch more than 10 products in the next quarter and 30 products this year.
Second : We want to be everywhere , to support every competition, association or actor who really wants to get involved in meeting the challenges of Street Workout. We anticipate an increase in SWO athletes and collaborations around the world .
Third : We are preparing a new project for you , about which we can only say one thing: it will have a very positive impact on the life of every person practicing this sport.


To give you the chance to obtain everything we have just explained, we are launching the LIGHTNING PROJECT : We are looking for visionary people who want to support the evolution of Street Workout, who want to actively participate in awakening its potential. From today until April 7, SWO is leading a fundraising campaign to allow the LIGHTNING PROJECT to exist: Anyone can join this project , whether you are a supporter of the brand or an informed investor , we give you the opportunity to join us and in exchange you will be rewarded.


If you don't have a big budget but want to support the LIGHTNING PROJECT, know that it is possible. In fact, you will earn money from the first second of your registration . The amount you invest will be automatically returned to you with 25% free additional value in the form of an active gift voucher on the site. Payment is 100% secure, you have no hidden costs. We offer you two choices:

  1. Invest €100 and automatically receive a €125 gift voucher .
  2. Invest €240 and automatically receive a €300 gift voucher .

And because we know you care about SWO, we're offering you an exclusive benefit: You'll receive product creation surveys. You will choose the next SWO designs , and see the products before anyone else! (To do this, enter your email address in the newsletter when purchasing). And of course, by investing this amount, you are participating in the development of our discipline, we can never thank you enough for that.


We guarantee you don't want to miss this opportunity. She will not show up again. You have until April 7 to take advantage of this investment opportunity.


Are you willing to support the LIGHTNING PROJECT because you care about it, but don't want to risk your resources? How do you know if you can trust us and participate in the project? How exactly does the procedure take place? Read on to answer all these questions.



Transparency of our financial information
We believe in open communication and accountability in all of our financial transactions. To do this, we provide full access to our financial information.

Access to our business plan and forecasts

This is proof of our belief in the transparency of our operations. We want our stakeholders to understand our vision, strategies and long-term goals. Our anticipated growth trajectory, potential challenges and opportunities. By providing access to our Business Plan and forecast, we invite collaboration, feedback and alignment with our objectives.

Access to a private Telegram group
We offer access to a private Telegram group where you can speak directly to team members, ask questions and receive timely updates.

Weekly news and monthly meetings

Our weekly newsletters provide an overview of our latest developments, milestones achieved and upcoming initiatives. Additionally, we hold monthly group meetings where stakeholders can participate, ask questions and contribute ideas.



Establishing a legal contract

We understand the importance of establishing a legal framework that safeguards the interests of all parties involved. This is why we favor the establishment of a comprehensive legal contract that defines rights, responsibilities and dispute resolution mechanisms. This contract constitutes an agreement that provides you with assurance and clarity.

Secure payments and no hidden costs or fees
Our payment systems are 100% secure. Whether it's investments, withdrawals or transactions, you can rest assured that your financial data is safe. Unlike some platforms that impose hidden management costs or additional fees, we operate with complete transparency. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Support from the French startup incubator Le Catalyseur
Supported by Le Catalyseur, a French startup incubator, we benefit from a tailor-made program, crucial resources, mentoring and a vital network to succeed in the startup world. With their expert advice and access to their extensive network, we accelerate our growth and effectively seize the opportunities that come our way.


Choice of strategy
We seek feedback through strategic choice surveys, allowing you to weigh in on important decisions that impact our business. By involving you in the decision-making process, we ensure that our strategies are aligned with your needs, preferences and expectations.

Product creation
Additionally, we regularly solicit input through product creation surveys. This helps us understand market demands, preferences and trends, allowing us to develop products and services that resonate with our target audience.

1:1 meetings
Additionally, we offer one-on-one meetings for stakeholders who want to engage more deeply with our team. These personalized interactions give you the opportunity to share your ideas, concerns and comments directly with us.


Stakeholders benefit financially from their engagement with us. As a thank you for their support and trust, we offer them an attractive reward in the form of annual interest. Stakeholders can benefit from an interest rate of +5% annually, or 15% in 3 years . In the event of SWO's financial success, all investors will be rewarded with an additional bonus.

This financial benefit not only rewards stakeholders for their participation, but also incentivizes long-term engagement. By delivering a lucrative return on investment, we aim to attract and retain loyal stakeholders who share our vision and values. If you are interested in this type of investment, make an appointment at the link below.


The beginning

Agustín Yepes, creator of the SWO brand, has dedicated the last 7 years of his life to the world of Street Workout in Toulouse, France. During this time, he cultivated a deep passion for the sport and became increasingly involved in the community. Over the years, he observed the serious problems affecting Street Workout and decided to take matters into his own hands.



The creation

Last year, inspired by his love of Street Workout and his desire to make a difference, he decided to turn his vision into reality. SWO was born out of a determination to solve the problems that plagued the community and a deep commitment to the future of the sport.


The mission

Our objective is clear: to make official Street Workout, a sport which until now has remained in the shadows in terms of organization, recognition, professionalism and official status. Our vision is to transform Street Workout into an accessible and homogeneous sport, so that everyone can enjoy it under optimum conditions. It's not just a brand, but a movement towards a brighter future. Here, you join a community that values self-improvement, strength, bravery, optimization and excellence.

SWO Athletes

Supporting World Champions with SWO: much more than just sponsorship

We believe in the power of commitment and excellence. That's why we're delighted to announce our support for four exceptional athletes who represent the world's Street Workout elite: Blanca, Elfo, Miamber et Iliesse.

We want to give them a chance to make a difference with us. Our objective is to encourage them to increase their opportunities to live more and more from the practice of Street Workout.

Common values

Our commitment to these athletes is not simply a sponsorship, it's a partnership based on shared values. These athletes embody the notion of personal achievement, strength, courage and excellence that we at SWO stand for. Their tireless dedication and quest for perfection inspire thousands of people around the world.

SWO - Athletes

At SWO, we are committed to treating our athletes with the respect and consideration they deserve. Our athletes will receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. We offer comprehensive support, from legal to financial, administrative and strategic assistance. We aim to become a true incubator for athletes, providing our collaborators with all the tools and support they need to reach the top. We're excited about this next step, where we not only provide high-quality products, but also become part of the journey of these incredible athletes. Join us on this exciting adventure and be part of the Street Workout revolution. Together, we can take this sport to new heights and celebrate the spirit of achievement that drives these athletes.